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HyperOffice Makes iPhone More Corporate-Friendly

As you might be aware, AT&T has already started offering plans for corporate users. It seems that iPhone is starting to take off for the corporate sector.

One of the iPhone problems so far has been the lack of an easy way to put corporate e-mail on iPhone. However, this is quickly changing. HyperOffice allows you to connect your iPhone to corporate email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. The software doesn't communicate with the Exchange Server. Rather, it syncs with your MS Outlook on your desktop.

With HyperOffice you can use your iPhone as an effective business collaboration tool to:

  • Update personal and group calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

  • Manage projects Share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

  • View and Edit personal and shared documents

  • Send and receive Email

  • Manage internal teams and intranets

  • Manage mixed teams and extranets