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LiveSpeakR™ - "A Boombox" in your pocket!

The LiveSpeakR™ - invented by 23-year-old Erik Groset, is an ultra portable speaker system for the iPhone unlike any other. It features a set of speakers that fold-up and store conveniently behind your iPhone for maximum portability. It is a boombox in your pocket!

Speakers are powered by 2 AAA batteries or an AC-adapter. They are shielded from radio frequency interference, which allows the iPhone to operate without going into airplane mode and gives it the ability to still receive calls.

But, the truly impressive functionality of the LiveSpeakR™ is what makes this product shine above the competition. The speakers expand, contract, and rotate to work with both portrait and landscape modes. Behind the LiveSpeakR™ unit is a stand to hold the speakers up at multiple viewing angles.

"I'm very proud of the LiveSpeakR I believe it could be a perfect accessory for everyone's iPhone. I invented it from the perspective of the end-user and everything they would want in a speaker-system."

He also noted, that if the right partner was found, the LiveSpeakR™ could be available as early as Summer 2008. It should also be noted that the LiveSpeakR™ is backwards compatible with older generation players as well as potential future media players.

LiveSpeakR™ is a trademark of D&G Solutions, LLC and the technology behind LiveSpeakR™ is patent pending in the United States.