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Safari 3.1 Will Have Great Features For The iPhone

The new Apple’s Safari 3.1 browser is going to include some neat features for consumers. The main one is that Safari will be able to render non-standard fonts, which will allow rendering of more dynamic and customizable pages for the iPhone. Also with transform feature one can scale, rotate, skew and translate HTML boxes in real time, where developers allow for such actions.

Animations offer Ajax-like effects like fading out an HTML element without the need for it. Safari 3.1 will also support HTML5’s SQL API. HTML5 will also permit for video and audio tags. This will support embedding video and audio content and playback controls in web pages.

The other features expected in Safari 3.1 are enhanced web page debugging tools, a database browser tool that’s been built into the Web Inspector for use alongside the new SQL storage API, and a native version of the getElementsByClassName JavaScript function. The latter has been drastically sped up.

The browser is in beta stages now, but it will be available for both Mac and PC.