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Springlets For iPhone

Does it take too much time to look for something on the internet using your regular way? Now there is a solution with a cool name: Springlets. It places 6 apps on your home screen which you can quickly launch and then perform search instead of launching web browser and looking through Google search results.

So if you use the following websites more frequently then it’s definitely for you. Websites are Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search, IMDb, Chowhound, and Wikipedia. Think of them as Google toolbar buttons if you use it on PC.

You can also speed dial by typing the name or phone of the person and it will dial automatically, without the need for long contact search and opening phone app. And other great feature is text search which loads text only on browser, and saves time it takes for picture to load. It is especially useful if you have to pay for bandwidth usage.

Just visit with your iPhone and get the apps.