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Voice E-mail - “Voice on the Go” For The iPhone

Motricity announced recently that their new service, Voice on the Go, is now ready for those wanting to utilize it. Voice on the Go allows people to dial into their email, and listen/compose/reply and delete at will, while accessing your calendar or searching contacts - by voice alone.

Voice on the Go, is essential for “People on the Go” and provides safe, hands-free and eyes-free access while driving, or any other time. Voice on the Go works on any mobile phone, BlackBerry smartphone, Apple iPhone, Palm Treo, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices. Voice on the Go can be activated quickly with no voice training, no special hardware or software to download. Voice on the Go works on any phone, on any carrier network and supports most popular email services.

Voice as you Go is a product that would be perticularly useful to those with disabilities with seeing and the like. Persons having difficulty reading on the iPhones screen can now navigate using voice commands and have text read aloud to them instead.

Voice on the Go is available immediately on Motricity’s network of Web sites, including and that offer applications direct to consumers for their mobile devices.

Worthy of note, 50 countries in the world currently have legeslation strictly prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving unless usage is "hands-free". Now, with this software, it can be.