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Changewave Report On iPhone Satisfaction Level In Corporate World

Changewave did yet another survey on iPhones popularity. This time they were interested not in the regular consumers but in corporate users and once again the absolute winner is Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry.

In fact 73% of responders used Blackberry.

However what’s interesting is customer satisfaction. While iPhone has around 5% of market share in corporate world, its satisfaction level is 59%. This means that so much people are `very satisfied~ with their device. RIM ranks second with 47% followed by Nokia with 40%.

Apples market share in corporate world won’t be an easy one, but there are good news. Firstly iPhone is already number two Smartphone in planned purchases. And secondly upcoming SDK might bring some apps which will make iPhone more usable in the corporate world.

Looking ahead to the 2nd Quarter, RIM (77%) is the dominant leader in planned corporate smart phone buying - having jumped 3-pts since the previous survey in November. Apple (11%) is second, down 3-pts from its previous high.

The other manufacturers are also down vs. market-leading RIM.

Palm (8%), Motorola (7%) and Samsung (4%) have each experienced a 2-pt decline in terms of planned purchases, with each company registering its lowest level of the past year.

P.S. Let’s see which manufacturer would be the winner for the second Changewave survey.