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Gameloft To Release 15 iPhone Games In 2008

Gameloft plans to release more than 15 games for the iPhone by the end of 2008. On the bases of the newly-released SDK, the company’s development teams have already begun working on the games.

Though the SDK was recently released, games will only be available to purchase once the App Store, featuring third party applications that can be downloaded to your device via WiFi or EDGE, launches in June 2008.

“The Apple iPhone has changed the way consumers perceive and interact with their mobile phones, and the release of the SDK is a tremendous opportunity for Gameloft to apply its creative and innovative approach to mobile gaming. Due to our investment in creating one of the most advanced and creative development studios to date, we are ideally positioned today to seamlessly integrate new opportunities and quickly produce games that are as evolutionary as they are enjoyable,” - said Michel Guillemot, President of Gameloft.

Gameloft is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones. The company creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, Brew, or Symbian technology.

Gameloft has a direct marketing a sale presence in 16 countries. Its games are distributed in more than 75 countries through agreements with over 170 wireless carriers and 150 partners and its online shops.