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HermitWorks To Release Space Trader For iPhone

HermitWorks Entertainment, founded by former BioWare game designers Cameron and Marcia Tofer, is working not only for Quack 3 for the iPhone and iPod touch ports, but on Space Trader

port for iPhone as well.

As widely reported this week, the port uses the built-in motion sensors to control action in the game, and offers the capability for two player play using WiFi.

HermitWorks hopes to release Space Trader in June for the iTunes Store for users to purchase and download but in order for that to happen they would need minimal support in Apple’s official SDK which was late in coming.

Space Trader is a FPS style game but the company is also working on a RPG game called Quest. They promise that it won’t be standard 2D RPG, but instead a full 3D game, with some NPC’s being real players.

HermitWorks Entertainment Corporation is an independent game company founded in 2004 by industry veterans Cameron and Marcia Tofer. HermitWorks is an innovative company interested in developing games that casual and hard core gamers can play together. Their first game title 'Space Trader' was realeased in the fall of 2007.