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New Webgames: Color Rush and Castle Feud For iPhone

Undercloud offers iPhone users two new free multiplayer webgames: Color Rush and Castle Feud.

The game Color Rush is partly strategy and partly puzzle. In this game you'll need to use all of your wisdom to beat the computer in the run for the total domination. Pick color gems to expand your field, whoever captures the bigger half wins. You can track your score on the global scoreboard, and more, play online multiplay with your fiends.

Castle Feud puts you in a straight-up battle of cannons and medieval castles. To get started, all you do is check the wind conditions, adjust the trajectory and power of your shot, and fire away.

The object of the game is to blast the opposing castle down to nothing before they’re able to do the same to you. You can play against the iPhone, or with a friend in two-player mode. Play against the iPhone, iPod Touch, or duel your friends.