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TeenBuzz Added Ultrasonic Ringtones Support For iPhone Users

TeenBuzz, a website that offers ultrasonic high frequency ringtones has recently been reformatted to include added support for iPhone users.

The ringtones are of a particularly high frequency, which helps younger generations avoid detection of mobile phone usage. While younger teenagers can hear the tones, adults will have a hard time in doing so as a result of naturally occurring hearing loss (a phenomenon known as presbycusis).

Those who want to use this ringtone first have to subscribe to a PodCast website. As soon as the download to the ultrasonic is finished ringtones will be given, and they will be automatically added to the ringtones directory. Note that they will be made available upon successful syncing of the iPhone.

Teen Buzz (also known as Mosquitotone or Zumbitone) is a popular ringtone that was hijacked from a technology that was originally used to repel loitering teenagers from shops in the United Kingdom. Inventor Howard Stapleton developed the "Mosquito device" for Compound Security Systems.

The Mosquito is a product made to drive away teenagers from no-loitering zones. Because the ability to hear high frequencies deteriorates with age (a phenomenon known as presbycusis), the Mosquito works by emitting high-frequency tones at approximately 17.4 kHz.

The Mosquito was originally tested at one location in Newport, South Wales, where it was successful in reducing the number of teenagers loitering near a grocery store. In spite of this, some adults and seniors were still able to hear the Mosquito. It has not been tested by hearing experts, however the tones are broadcast at 75 decibels, so they fall within the government's auditory-safety limits. The Mosquito was released into the mainstream market in 2006.

P.S. For more information visit the official website of TeenBuzz.