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100,000 iPhones Sold In Germany

At Deutsche Telekom's annual general meeting in Cologne, Telekom's CEO Rene Obermann stated, that T-Mobile has sold over 100,000 iPhones in Germany. At the end of January, Deutsche Telekom had sold 70,000 iPhones in its home market.

Rene Obermann also noted that the devices made by Apple Inc. were the most popular multimedia device sold by its T-Mobile cell phone division.

Usage statistics show that Phone users use internet on average 30 minutes more compared to users with other devices. One third of their customers bought most expensive plans.

On April 7, T-Mobile lowered the price for the iPhone in a sales promotion ending June 30 to as low as EUR99. Previously the iPhone had a price tag of EUR399 in Germany.

Deutsche Telekom offers millions of private and corporate customers all over the world the entire spectrum of modern information technology and telecommunications services – whether fixed-network, wireless and broadband or complex IT and telecommunications (ICT) solutions for business customers.

As an internationally oriented company, Deutsche Telekom AG is represented in about 50 countries around the globe. More than half of the revenues from the first half-year of 2007 were generated outside of Germany.