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CodeMorphic Developed Rotarly Dialer iPhones

Would you like to have the extraordinary rotarly dialer iPhone? If you would, you really have a chance.

The founders of Minnesota-based company CodeMorphic, Bill Heyman and Damon Allison has developed RetroPhone for those iPhone consumer, who would like to have rotary dialer phones.

They're also announcing Aloha, a photo-annotating program inspired in part by Comic Life. Both apps will be among the flood of iPhone programs hitting Apple's App Store in a few weeks.

Co-founders, Bill Heyman and Damon Allison, are experienced software developers and consultants, who have worked for the big names in software development: IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture, as well as many clients who have needed deep and sharp skills to solve their software requirements.

The mission of CodeMorphic is to seek the first name in native iPhone software development.