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IPhone Radura

MStation/mophie announces the availability of the new Radura case for iPhone, iPod Touch, Nano, and Classic. The Radura’s clear polycarbonate design covers all scratchable surfaces on the iPhone.

It gives maximum protection without having to conceal the design of the iPhone. The Radura is also compatible with the mophie Ratchet belt clip swivel and the mophie Run armband, allowing users to enjoy their media on-the-go.

“With Radura, we’ve achieved a really great balance of simple, clear design and strong protection. Now, owners of all types of iPods and iPhones have a strong, sensible case that offers maximum protection, without sacrificing the unique aesthetics of Apple’s products” - says Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation/mophie.

The mophie Relo Radura is available now online and in stores at an MSRP of $20.