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ifbyphone Released New App For iPhone

The ifbyphone released new iPhone application that will enable users to send recorded messages without using calling minutes.

The ifbyphone telephone application platform, which will be available July 1, will deliver broadcasts either immediately or at a scheduled time set by the user. It will work with any iPhone running the v2 software. In addition, the Voice Broadcast feature will also work with the iPod touch.

Applications for Ifbyphone's Voice Broadcast technology include traveling managers who need to send a voice memo out to their staff while being away, or for parents who want to reach the entire family all at once.

Voice Broadcast will work by selecting a group of recipients from the iPhone’s Address Book, then entering the delivery date and time. The Voice Broadcast application lets you record a message, which is then sent at the appointed time. Because the message is being sent as data, it doesn’t impact the number of minutes you’ve selected in your calling plan.

The application will be free to download, though Ifbyphone requires an active subscription in order to use.

Ifbyphone is a hosted voice application and platform company with a simplified approach to the deployment of stand-alone and web-integrated voice services for small and medium sized businesses (SMB).

Ifbyphone makes it easier for customers to connect with you from online and off. All of Ifbyphone's applications are accessible via a click on a Web site, an inbound call to a toll free number, an outbound call or with the help of a programmable API.