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iPhone 3G Costs Only $100 To Manufacture

It is to wonder why the new iPhone 3G is going to be so cheap in comparison to the first-gen device. Analysts suspect that the newer iPhone really only costs around $100 to manufacture.

Portelligent estimates that with this lower manufacturing cost that Apple stands to make around $90 per phone on hardware alone. While that is significantly lower than the estimated $229 profit earned on the original iPhone, the extra money from AT&T that they are likely making in addition to the number of new users that will be attracted by the lower price will no doubt make up for the difference.

According to David Carey, president of Portelligent “Gen2 iPhone pricing is aggressive enough that it made me think Apple’s really taking the gloves off on this one. They are probably not as worried about iPhone hardware profits as they are about getting a piece of the action on service revenues and getting more Macs in homes and offices all around the globe.”

Now it is clear Apple inc. works for the mass and revenues should came from the worldwide sales. According to that point companies’ new strategy could last for a long time.