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OrionGadgets Stylus Pen For Apple iPhone

As handwriting recognition is coming with the upcoming iPhone v2.0 firmware, Apple iPhone owners can now use the new OrionGadgets iPhone Stylus Pen (black).

The iPhone Stylus features a soft touch tip that will not scratch your iPhone’s touch screen, but provide users another input device to avoid fingerprint smudges. OrionGadgets iPhone Stylus was designed for ease of use and peace of mind; whether you’re using it to tap on the touch screen or to write on it, the iPhone Stylus guarantees precise touch and control.

The pen is made from durable material, the iPhone Stylus comes in black only. It is available now for $10 USD.

iPhone v2.0 firmware is due to be released in early July by Apple Inc. is a manufactured and a retailer tailored to individual consumers as well as small to medium-sized businesses. OrionGadgets is located in Brooklyn, NY.