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iPhone 3G Is Gone On Sale

The 3G iPhone is gone on the market yesterday July 11, Friday. On same date that Apple Inc. launched its online software store called App Store. The App Store sells hundreds or even thousand of applications such as games, language translators, corporate applications, and more that would work for the iPhone. Apple Inc. hoped that by opening the App Store the same date that the 3G iPhone will be on sale, it can boost the sales of the device.

The latest App Store is the only place where iPhone as well as iPod Touch users can purchase the applications that can be used on their devices. For those who already own an iPhone, the App Store appeared in their device as an icon which is part of the free update. As for the iPod Touch users, they have to pay $9.99 if they want to upgrade their software. There are more than twenty countries that started selling the 3G iPhone on July 11. This helps Apple Inc. to gather hordes of buyers all over the world and to sell at least 10 million units before the year 2008 ends. The highly-anticipated second-generation iPhone can access the World Wide Web two times faster than the first-generation iPhone. Moreover, it also supports third-party software including games. Some third-party software can be purchased at the App Store while others are offered by the third-party software developers for free.

According to analysts, Apple has a greater chance of selling at least one million 3G iPhone units during its first week. This is mainly because Apple Inc. has reached more countries now whereas the first-generation iPhones were only distributed in 6 countries last year.