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New Application - AgileMessenger For iPhone

Agilemobile released a new native chat application - AgileMessenger for iPhone.

AgileMessenger 1.0.16 is a free client that supports ICQ, MSN, JABBER, GTALK and more. It saves history, can change status,add contacts, deletes contacts, see the total traffic data exchanged during conversations, rename a contact, move a contact in another group, delete a contact and get information on it, use the vibration as notification for each message received, subdivide the list of contacts for groups and display contacts even when they are offline, conversations in the course will be open as tabs that will be accessible through the top bar simply by pressing the name of the person with whom you want to talk, when you receive a message, in addition to vibration, the name of the person you’re looking for is red, between the settings you can set the size of the character of the conversation, the size of contacts el’auto-connection.

In a chat you can also use emoticons during conversations and take pictures to be sent into contact with who was talking, simply by using the camera dell’iPhone. One thing to remember though is that you have to quit the app from Menu, since Home button just hides it in the background.

The new application can be downloaded in repository. is a privately owned ISV headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. specializes in developing and deploying, innovative Instant Messaging and Presence solutions for mobile devices. Its innovative solutions have been deployed by many of the world's largest mobile operators and are relied upon by millions of users every day. was founded in 2002 and has been self funded by its two founders. is a profitable company and is not actively seeking venture capital, however is always open to exploring strategic alliances.