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iPhone 3G Mobile Telescope, member of Brando Workshop offers a telescope for Apple’s iPhone 3G mobile phone. The telescope has 6x zoom. One can use the gadget by attaching to the back of your iPhone by means of a crystal case.

The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography.

Here are terms of usage of new iPhone 3G telescope:

  • Install the crystal case first enclosed with the telescope.
  • Adjust the clear focus with the naked eye.
  • It can take a picture while fixing the telescope on back crystal case. (If the screen of your cellphone is analyzed degree enough, you can adjust the focus with the screen of the cellphone).

The iPhone 3G Telescope is available from the Mobile Brando website for $19.

Mobile Brando offers a wide range of accessories of PDA, iPod, Smartphone, etc. Online shopping is possible by credit card payments over the internet via WorldPay and PayPal. Accepting Visa and Mastercard. All payments in US Dollars and deliver worldwide.