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Softbank Mobile Creates Two-Ceiling System To Increase iPhone Use

Softbank Mobile Corp. announced that they will revise the ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’ monthly subscription pricing to increase the number of consumers purchasing the Apple iPhone 3G.

After this revision one can get an iPhone 3G with minimum ¥2,990 (27 USD) subscription a month. Previously the minimum charges were 67 USD a month.

The revision will add two ceilings to the ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’ fixed charge (¥1,695-¥5,985), which will vary according to usage. The revised plan will be applied from the usage of August 2008 on. After this revision one can enjoy iPhone 3G, from minimum ¥2,990 a month.

The prices are also depended on on your data transfer usage, the wireless data charges will start from minimum 20MB (1695 ¥) to 70MB (5985¥). The changes are the same when you exceeded 70MB data transfer.