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iPhone App PhoneSaber To Return As LightSaber Unleashed

The MacBox, developers of popular iPhone app PhoneSaber, has announced that the application PhoneSaber, which was removed from the App Store because of copyright issues, will return very soon with the new name LightSaber Unleashed.

The app fits characters and some other details from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game.

The Lightsaber Unleashed will feature the sabers of several of the console game's characters also, such as General Rahm Kota and Darth Vader. Lightsaber Unleashed also boasts improved graphics and sound effects, as well as optional dueling music.

The new application will be free.

The old version of the app was pulled from iTunes after THQ Wireless spoke with TheMacBox about copyright, and the potential of a branded app in its place.