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iPhone Gets EA's Spore Origins

EA Mobile has just announced a raft of games for the iPod touch and the iPhone. The EA announcement Friday focused on the release of Spore Origins for the Apple mobile market.

It's not the full-blown evolutionary strategy game you'll find on the PC and Mac, but EA's Spore Origins gives iPhone users a taste of "survival of the fittest" by incorporating two modes of play in the mobile version. In evolution mode, players create, edit, tweak and customize their creatures and explore strange worlds. In survival mode, players are prey and predator, advancing through 35 levels of eat-or-be-eaten action.

According to EA Mobile, the game incorporates the motion-sensing capabilities of the iPhone, so gamers can navigate creatures by tilting and moving the handset. In a statement released by the company, Travis Boatman, vice president of worldwide studios at EA Mobile, said, "We're really excited to bring Spore Origins to the iPhone and iPod touch. By leveraging the unique capabilities of these devices, players can customize their own creatures and shape their destiny in an exciting evolutionary journey."

In contrast, EA's full-blown Spore allows for nearly total customization of the worlds and creatures that inhabit them, providing ample opportunity to tweak environment and evolutionary features. Supposedly there are millions of worlds to explore and populate.

While the mobile version certainly can't contain all the features of the full version of Spore, EA is hoping it can dominate nearly every game platform with versions of Spore. In addition to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, Spore Origins is available for the PC, Mac and Nintendo DS, with versions for other platforms no doubt in the works.

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