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Actual Visual Voicemail By PhoneTag

If you are tired of listening voicemails PhoneTag now gives you opportunity to relax from it. This new service will sure please iPhone users as well.

Under the PhoneTag service, your missed calls are forwarded to their system, at which time the caller can leave a message. This message is then transcribed by the service and sent to you in text format as an SMS text message or an email. Email messages also include an audio file attachment of the original message.

PhoneTag is compatible with 95% of phone systems in the United States and there are a number of plans offered including a $9.95/month plan for 40 messages, a $29.95/month plan for unlimited messages and a pay-as-you-go plan at a rate of 35-cents a message.

About PhoneTag Voicemail:

PhoneTag works with all Major U.S. carriers and networks including: AT&T, Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin and more.

Use PhoneTag to unify your mobile, home and work phones into one unlimited voicemail box. With PhoneTag, you can read every voicemail that comes into any of your phone numbers - from anywhere.