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Get Your Waffle

If you are looking for a case that offers great protection and adds superb grip for your iPhone 3G, Well then, the Speck Products PixelSkin for iPhone 3G for $24.95 just might be for you. With a waffle-like texture wrapping around the entire case it offers both daring style and a sense of security.

Where other case makers choose to offer simple designs that try to remain as invisible as possible, the PixelSkin is loud, fun, and bold. The PixelSkin is a rubber case that is textured with square blocks that wrap around the entire case. Imagine it as a big graphing grid or a waffle or a turtle shell or even a grenade. The rubber is thicker than most other cases and offers great protection of nearly the entire iPhone 3G—the PixelSkin even offers protection for the home button!

The color options are bright, bold, and plentiful. Black, White, Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow are all available.

The problem with the case however is that the square grid design creates a lot of grooves for dust to settle in and the material itself seems to attract a lot of lint and dust.