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SIMable Announces iPhone 3G Unlocking Chip

UK based 24/7 Mobile Solutions announced a new version of its unlocking chip SIMable. SIMable unlocks any SIM card to which it is attached, allowing it to fully function even in locked handsets such as the iPhone 3G. This allows the iPhone 3G to be used with any network in any country.

SIMable is installed by cutting a small hole in a SIM card with the accompanying free cutter, aligning the SIMable chip with the SIM card and then inserting both into the iPhone 3G handset. The chip can later be removed and reused on another SIM card, which returns the handset to its locked state.

24/7 Mobile Solutions claims that the iPhone 3G’s warranty isn’t voided by SIMable as it doesn’t alter the handset in any way. SIMable costs 16.99£ (28$), can be ordered online and comes with a money back guarantee.