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Bottle Rocket Launches Wings and Proxy Pal for the iphone

Here is two new App Store releases from Bottle Rocket, Proxy Pal ($1.99) and Wings ($0.99). One lets you glide over virtual scene-scapes, the other might just help people outside the US actually access Hulu!

Wings bring the fun, excitement and relaxation of flying to everyone, not just pilots. Wings’ flight visualizer and virtual worlds have the most beautiful terrains and environments available on the iPhone. Tailor your flying to have fun or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Play your own music from your iPhone or choose one of the built-in tracks. Go searching for distant valleys or the endless river. Do barrel rolls and spins or keep it simple and just float along. Make Wings your own personal flying escape. This is a fun and entertaining time-passer for anyone and is 100% safe for kids. Both relaxing and fun, Wings is the best way to get away.

Proxy Pal provides working proxy server sites so that you can always access your go-to pages. New proxies are added weekly and automatically updated when you launch Proxy Pal. Works worldwide in any country so stop surfing on your Edge/3G network when you’re right in front of a computer that blocks your favorite site. Use Proxy Pal and get back on that high-speed connection. Mark your favorite proxies as “best pals” to use on Facebook, MySpace, eBay, Google, Craigslist, YouTube, ESPN, CNN, LinkedIn, Hotmail or any other web site. Never be caught again on a computer at work, the library or school without a proxy that works.