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EOps i24R3: Wireless Speaker For iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

EOps’ designer Michael Young introduced wireless speaker i24R3 for iPhone 3G and ipod touch at Tokyo Designer’s Week.

3R is a docking station for the iPhone 3G, featuring a subwoofer and from 2 to 8 speakers, depending on configuration. Also it has wireless dongle that allows you to stream music from a Mac or PC. The satellite speakers are gesture-controlled as well.

You can also control music from any corner of your household by the help of wireless speakers. When your iPhone 3G or iPod is charging in the Universal Dock, The i243R has a wireless RF MHZ remote control that lets you control music playback.

The new wireless speaker system for iPhone and iPod touch is due on the shelves in early 2009, but with all that 2.4GHz wirelessness and sleek design, don’t expect the price to be cheap.