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“Fingerboarding” - A New App For The iPhone

“Fingerboarding,” or skateboarding on a miniature skateboard with your fingers remains a mystery to many adults, so they remain torn about the release of Touchgrind, which has now made its way into the App Store and is available for $4.99 right now. It’s one of those kind of apps that you’re either really into, or isn’t even on your radar.

Playing with a tiny skateboard in real-life seems unusual, but playing with a virtual skateboard that responds realistically to your fingers flipping and tapping on a multi touch screen could be really awesome — like a skating game with the most concise and pinpoint controls ever. Graphics are sharp and modern in nature.

Unfortunately, there are no free demos - either you jump in for $5 or you don’t. But if you do, there’s actually a lot that it offers - 3 game modes, 12 different boards each with their own abilities, and a set of tutorials to get you started. Experimenting with the physics alone might be worth the $5 admission price.