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Post Top Ad Gets The iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G is now available through a new retailer in the UK. The retailer is offering up the 8GB black model and the 16GB black and white models of the iPhone 3G.

However, with the higher-end monthly plans, you can get the iPhone for free! In order to get the free phone, you will have to either purchase a £45 a month plan for a free 8GB, or the £75 a month plan, which gets you 3000 mins, 500 texts and either a free 8GB or 16GB iPhone.

The company is a subsidiary of the Carphone Warehouse, which explains the connection, but might be thought surprising considering the site's dubious history with the device.

Customers ordering the iPhone 3G on the site can use the promo code MOB1108email to receive a free Bluetooth headset, car charger and in-car phone holder.