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New Game - Cosmic One For iPhone and iPod Touch

oeFun released a new Cosmic One puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. At the beginning the game was free but now you can download it from the App Store and it costs $1.99.

To play Cosmic One you just need to use your catcher at the bottom of the screen to capture the falling tiles. Simply move the catcher by turning it with your thumb to match the symbol of the falling tile. If you want to drop the tile faster for more points, tap the top of the screen.

Cosmic One features an integrated online leader-board for high scoring and a scoring system that rewards quick and accurate play.


* Easy to pick up and play.

* Addictive, casual gameplay.

* Intuitive touch interface and controls.

* Supports left or right handed play.

* Pause / resume function for interrupted games.

* Integrated online high-score table shows your position and the top 10 players in the world.

* Compete with people from around the globe.

* Unique space themed ambient score enhances gameplay

* Work up a musical beat as you try to keep up to the game’s ever quickening pace.

* OpenGL ES / OpenAL for smooth graphics and sound.