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Vibe II earphones launch for the iPhone

V-Moda has introduced the Vibe II line of earphones with a built in microphone, designed to work with the iPhone 3G and other smartphones equipped with a 3.5-mm jack, such as BlackBerry’s new Bold and Storm handsets. They sell for $128 and are available for pre-order from the V-Moda Web site right now (no firm release date posted yet).

Made from a stainless steel alloy, the Vibe II features a jewelry-like design with a unique woven fabric cable. The earphones are designed for in-ear use. A music control feature lets you talk then switch to listen to your music.

The Vibe II features V-Moda’s trademark Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone (BLISS) noise-isolating technology, and includes a dynamic driver which helps to produce a 3D soundstage, according to the manufacturer. The plug has a 45-degree design and is plated with 24-carat gold. The Vibe II includes four pairs of black and clear silicone fittings and comes with earhooks if you prefer an over-the-ear fit, and a carrying pouch is also included. The Vibe II comes in two colors — black with metal accents, and a more trendy, slick chrome with red accents.