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Friday, February 29, 2008

O2 To Launch The iPhone In Ireland

Apple’s UK cellular partner O2 confirmed the launch of the iPhone in Ireland for March 14, 2008. As in the UK, the iPhone will be available through O2 retail stores and through Carphone Warehouse.Pricing is similar to other European countries, the 8GB iPhone will cost €399 and the 16GB iPhone will sell for €499; a variety of monthly plans are also available.

The rate plans will begin at €45/month for 175 minutes, 100 SMSs, and 1GB of data up through €100/month for 700 minutes, 250 SMSs, and 1GB of data. Interestingly, there appears to be no mention of Visual Voicemail this time around.

"The iPhone is changing the way people use their mobiles forever, and we're thrilled to offer it to O2 customers in Ireland. Our strategy in Ireland continues to be to bring our customers the very best innovations and experiences in mobile communications." - O2 Ireland CEO, Danuta Gray said.

In its fiscal first quarter Apple sold over 2.3 million iPhones, bringing the total number of units sold to 4 million since its launch in June 2007.

"For 2007 O2 has delivered a strong set of results adding 3.04 million mobile customers during the year and over 1 million in the fourth quarter alone, taking the total mobile customer base to 38.26 million, 8.6% higher than last year. Non-SMS data revenue is growing fast with €680 million recorded in 2007; growth of 26% year on year, and this trend will accelerate in 2008" - Matthew Key, Chairman and Chief Executive of Telefónica Europe commented.

That's not all the 1.1.4 firmware revealed in advance, though. T-Mobile Austria was also found in the iPhone's list of supported carriers. The latest finding makes even more sense when combined with comments by T-Mobile's CEO that the company would be offering the iPhone in Austria sometime in the first half of 2008.

P.S. Since O2 has already announced its plans, perhaps it won't be much longer before T-Mobile does the same.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Will iPhone Do Your Homework?

Those days, when student needed only a paper and a pen to study, are gone. Nowadays we have varieties of gadgets which help us in every day life. Apple iPhone is the new weapon of education, if I can say so. At least one university will use it to receive homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes, get directions to their professors' offices and check their meal and account balances.

Abilene Christian University (ACU), in Texas, is the place where it will happen. This university will be providing all of its first year students one of Apple's new iPhone mobiles or the wireless-enabled iPod touch.

The university's IT department has developed "more than 15 other useful web applications" for use on the gadgets.

They are not only providing cutting-edge technology tools to their incoming students, they are also providing the web applications that ensure these tools will become critical to the students learning experience.

“Because 93 percent of ACU students bring their own computers with them to college, we are choosing to take them to the next level by providing converged mobile devices;” says Phil Schubert, the executive vice president of the ACU.

The new iPhone/iPod program will begin at the start of the new academic year.

What’s next? Will iPhone help us to choose the color of tie for the banquet?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Call Your iPhone Contacts Via PhotoDial 1.0

Makyama Software has released PhotoDial 1.0 for the iPhone, which allows you to call your contacts by clicking on desired contacts’ picture. You can also change the order for quick dialing and set the size of the pictures.

The way it works is by having a picture showed for every contact, which you can quickly scroll and click once you found the person you want to call. You can select how many pictures at a time you want to see, and the order which they are displayed.

To get a free tryout, start Installer on your iPhone, press Sources, then Edit, then Add. Next, type; registration is normally US$19.95. If you liked the software, be aware that it costs $14.95 until March, and $19.95 after. So if you like it you should hurry up.

The software works with all languages and all firmwares. It will be available in Apple’s official distribution channel in March and can be downloaded now for “jailbroken” phones. You’ll be automatically notified of free updates via Installer.

The iPhone has either 4 GB or 8 GB of internal flash memory. It cannot be expanded. An increasing number of high-end phones from Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia and others have a MicroSD slot that makes it possible to inexpensively add more memory to the device, but the iPhone does not have this capability.

Here comes a question: How much memory do photos take up in the iPhone? It depends on the picture. If it has a lot of color and is very detailed, it will take up more space. If the definition and color is not very vibrant then it will require less space. But don’t worry iPhone give us opportunity to keep a lot of photos there, so we can make lot of calls, as well.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Apple Hits Lowest Level Since June; New iPhone Worries

Apple (AAPL) shares are down sharply to their lowest level since June, as several analyst reports have triggered fresh concerns about the state of demand for iPhones and iPods.

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein Research, has published the transcript of a recent conference call he held with investors on the subject of unlocked iPhones, what they mean to Apple, and what options the company has to deal with them. In a summary of the call, he contends that, while the iPhone has the potential to drive material earnings growth for Apple, the company faces two “significant challenges”: demand appears to be falling short of expectations, and the incidence of unlocking is much higher than expected.

Sacconaghi admits that the iPhone will be 6% of Apple’s revenues in FY ‘08, but could be nearly a quarter of the total by FY 2012, driving half of the company’s revenue growth over the next four years; and he notes that since the iPhone has a higher gross margin than other Apple products, it could drive 70%-80% of the company’s profit growth.

Sacconaghi says that weekly run-rate sales in the December quarter were about 180,000 units or less than 10 million on an annualized basis in the busiest quarter of the year for consumer electronics sales. That leads him to conclude that the goal of selling 10 million units in 2008 is optimistic, “particularly if Apple insists on carrier revenue-sharing, without significant price cuts or new model introductions.” He says European sales of the iPhone have been “particularly disappointing,” falling short of carriers’ initial expectations. Sacconaghi is projecting 1.45 million units in the December quarter, 6.9 million for the September 2008 fiscal year and 7.9 million for calendar 2008.

Sacconaghi, who kicked off the “missing iPhones” debate in January, pointing out the wide gap between the number of iPhones Apple has sold and the number of iPhone customers AT&T (T) as the exclusive U.S. carrier has signed up, repeats his previous estimate that 25%-30% of iPhones sold to date have been unlocked for use with carriers other than the one authorized by Apple. He notes that, if Apple sold 10 million iPhones this year but 30% were unlicked, the company would be losing out on $1.1 billion-$1.3 billion of revenue and 80-85 cents a share in EPS over the following two years. He also notes, not for the first time, that the unlocked phones pose a strategic issue, limiting the company’s ability to provide a truly exclusive relationship to carriers, and so reducing their willingness to kick back some subscriber revenue to Apple in return for an exclusive deal.

J.P. Morgan’s Bill Shope on Friday wrote that “with relatively slow unit growth in the holiday season” and the recent price cut for the iPod Shuffle, “signs point to iPod saturation and some macro sensitivity.” He says the Shuffle price cut “is likely intended to boost Shuffle momentum and iPod units overall.” In a separate note, Shope also says that Apple “still seems comfortable with Mac momentum, which remains the critical component of the story at these levels.” He says that Apple execs in a recent meeting would not comment on iPod and iPhone demand concerns, but did say that Mac product family is better positioned than in the last economic downturn.

Morgan Stanley noted Friday that MacBook distributor inventories are “near all-time lows” for the third straight week, but that iMac units are above historical average levels. The iPod Touch, they say, is selling well, with low channel inventory, while Shuffle inventory, which had accumulated in recent months, is down sharply ahead of the arrival of recently unveiled 2GB model.

The iPhone is an Internet-enabled multimedia mobile phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player ("iPod"), in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a quad-band mobile phone that uses the GSM standard, and hence has international capability. It supports the EDGE data technology.

Following the success of iPods, Apple announced the iPhone in January 2007. The announcement was preceded by rumors and speculations that circulated for several months. The iPhone was introduced, first in the United States on June 29, 2007 with much media frenzy and then in the United Kingdom, Germany and France in November 2007. It was named Time magazine's Invention of the Year in 2007.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

BigOven Recipes On Your iPhone - The Guarantee Of Various Foods!

BigOven, a website specializing in recopies has unveiled iPhone adapted website. It provides with over 160,000 recipes from around the world. So iPhone consumers are guaranteed to have various delicious foods! Website is still in beta, but its search is very quick and you can find pretty much anything you have ever wanted.

"Now, if you’re at the grocery store, and don’t know what ingredients you need to make Quiche Lorraine, simply visit " slash M" on your mobile phone. You can also enter general search terms like "easy breakfast eggs" or ingredients from your fridge, and get some great suggestions," - said Steve Murch, CEO and Head Chef of

But there is another recipe website for iPhone, which also offers iPhone consumer various food recipes.

"The day when I can actually browse this website from my cell phone is finally near. I'll be able to load ingredient lists while strolling the aisles of my favorite markets. I'll be able to tap the 101 Cookbooks recipe archives for inspiration from my car (parked, of course) on the fly. All the recipes you've seen over the years on 101 Cookbooks are now formatted to be searched, browsed and viewed on the iPhone," - says Wayne, 101 Cookbooks consumer.

So never mind, iPhone consumers seems to get great cooks in the future.

Friday, February 22, 2008

LiveSpeakR™ - "A Boombox" in your pocket!

The LiveSpeakR™ - invented by 23-year-old Erik Groset, is an ultra portable speaker system for the iPhone unlike any other. It features a set of speakers that fold-up and store conveniently behind your iPhone for maximum portability. It is a boombox in your pocket!

Speakers are powered by 2 AAA batteries or an AC-adapter. They are shielded from radio frequency interference, which allows the iPhone to operate without going into airplane mode and gives it the ability to still receive calls.

But, the truly impressive functionality of the LiveSpeakR™ is what makes this product shine above the competition. The speakers expand, contract, and rotate to work with both portrait and landscape modes. Behind the LiveSpeakR™ unit is a stand to hold the speakers up at multiple viewing angles.

"I'm very proud of the LiveSpeakR I believe it could be a perfect accessory for everyone's iPhone. I invented it from the perspective of the end-user and everything they would want in a speaker-system."

He also noted, that if the right partner was found, the LiveSpeakR™ could be available as early as Summer 2008. It should also be noted that the LiveSpeakR™ is backwards compatible with older generation players as well as potential future media players.

LiveSpeakR™ is a trademark of D&G Solutions, LLC and the technology behind LiveSpeakR™ is patent pending in the United States.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WishYouWereHere launches Camera Phone Postcards, Great For Vacationing iPhone Users

Wish You Were Here cameraphone postcards are real postcards, personalized with a user’s photo, and mailed right from a mobile phone. Users just text “WYWH” to the shortcode “69626” from their mobile phone to start using the service. They can turn the snapshot taken with their phone into a postcard by just sending the picture to and visiting a simple mobile web site to enter a personal caption, message, and address.

The WYWH service then prints and mails the postcard on the user’s behalf. The service which relies only on SMS text messaging and a mobile phone browser like Safari on the iPhone needs no download.

Customers can make their purchase by charging their wireless phone bill, as millions already do for ring-tones and other mobile content, or they can create an account at and pay via credit card or PayPal. The cost per postcard is $1.99 and includes printing, postage, and mailing of the postcard to any U.S. address. Customers can also purchase discounted pre-paid packs to store with their account. Standard text messaging rates apply.
Monday, February 18, 2008

Google Reveals High iPhone Web Use

Google has revealed it has seen 50 times more search requests coming from Apple iPhones than any other mobile handset.

The figures were so high that the search company initially thought they had made an error compiling the data.

"We thought it was a mistake and made our engineers check the logs again", - Vic Gundotra, head of Google's mobile operations told the Financial Times during this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

American iPhone operator AT&T recently said that the average revenue from iPhone users is double that of average users because the of top-up data packages, while in the UK O2 has said the iPhone is generating "unheard of data traffic".

The iPhone offers "full-fat" internet with Apple's Safari browser, rather than web designed especially for a mobile phone format.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Problems With iPhone After SIM Change? Here Is A Fix

If you recently purchased the new and shiny 16GB iPhone, and you are in the habit of changing SIM cards, then the following is just for you. Apple has released a doc about swapping the SIM cards if after such operation your iPhone didn’t work.

Basically you need to reconnect your iPhone to iTunes. iPhone keeps a record of previously inserted SIM cards, but if the carrier name of your SIM does not show up in the status bar after you have changed the SIM you will need to reconnect iPhone to iTunes.

So remember for the next time that if you do not connect iPhone to iTunes after changing or reinserting the SIM, iPhone may not work as expected.
Friday, February 15, 2008

Voice E-mail - “Voice on the Go” For The iPhone

Motricity announced recently that their new service, Voice on the Go, is now ready for those wanting to utilize it. Voice on the Go allows people to dial into their email, and listen/compose/reply and delete at will, while accessing your calendar or searching contacts - by voice alone.

Voice on the Go, is essential for “People on the Go” and provides safe, hands-free and eyes-free access while driving, or any other time. Voice on the Go works on any mobile phone, BlackBerry smartphone, Apple iPhone, Palm Treo, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices. Voice on the Go can be activated quickly with no voice training, no special hardware or software to download. Voice on the Go works on any phone, on any carrier network and supports most popular email services.

Voice as you Go is a product that would be perticularly useful to those with disabilities with seeing and the like. Persons having difficulty reading on the iPhones screen can now navigate using voice commands and have text read aloud to them instead.

Voice on the Go is available immediately on Motricity’s network of Web sites, including and that offer applications direct to consumers for their mobile devices.

Worthy of note, 50 countries in the world currently have legeslation strictly prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving unless usage is "hands-free". Now, with this software, it can be.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Safari 3.1 Will Have Great Features For The iPhone

The new Apple’s Safari 3.1 browser is going to include some neat features for consumers. The main one is that Safari will be able to render non-standard fonts, which will allow rendering of more dynamic and customizable pages for the iPhone. Also with transform feature one can scale, rotate, skew and translate HTML boxes in real time, where developers allow for such actions.

Animations offer Ajax-like effects like fading out an HTML element without the need for it. Safari 3.1 will also support HTML5’s SQL API. HTML5 will also permit for video and audio tags. This will support embedding video and audio content and playback controls in web pages.

The other features expected in Safari 3.1 are enhanced web page debugging tools, a database browser tool that’s been built into the Web Inspector for use alongside the new SQL storage API, and a native version of the getElementsByClassName JavaScript function. The latter has been drastically sped up.

The browser is in beta stages now, but it will be available for both Mac and PC.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Apple iPhone the Main Target Behind Microsoft-Yahoo! Pact?

The technology market is afire with news of Microcrosoft acquiring another giant Yahoo! But industry experts find it hard to consider it merely an acquisition bid for just the money coming from advertisements. Besides benefiting from Yahoo’s online capabilities, they believe that ‘Microsoft has had more success with mobile operating systems than in mobilizing its Internet properties; and experts feel that Yahoo! Go platform would work extremely well for Microsoft.

Now, talking of market share, Apple which is said to have shipped nearly 4 million iPhones in 2007 with the target of achieving 10 million sales in 2008 has been one of the prime promoters of the Multitouch technology. Microsoft on the other hand says it will ship around 20 million smartfones in 2008 for Windows Mobile.

While experts consider Apple a much innovative challenger gaining a considerable mindshare over market shares. It regular innovation and up gradation of the iPhone since its launch in mid- 200 7 has been a constant threat to competitors like technology giants like Microsoft.

Therefore, this coming together of Microsoft and Yahoo! is like sending a signal out to Apple iPhones of probable market redistribution. However, Apple is all set to take the challenge, as it launched its 16 GB double storage capacity iPhone model, upgrading from the usual 8GB and that too at attractive prices with the hike of just $100. Now you can buy a 16 GB memory iPhone with just $499 while an 8GB model is available for $399.

It is expected that Apple will leave no stones unturned to maintain the sizable market share it is enjoying, even if the threat of a Microsoft-Yahoo! attempt to take on Apple iPhones. Moreover, Apple is also contemplating expanding iPhones worldwide market share from countries it holds presently – United States, UK, Germany to countries like Italy, Spain and Switzerland in the coming months.

Reports indicate that Apple Inc’s usage share of mobile devices online is rapidly-growing at the rate of 0.17% which is almost triple that of Microsoft’s stagnant rate of 0.06%, which stays affected since the launch of Apple iPhone in June 2007.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Springlets For iPhone

Does it take too much time to look for something on the internet using your regular way? Now there is a solution with a cool name: Springlets. It places 6 apps on your home screen which you can quickly launch and then perform search instead of launching web browser and looking through Google search results.

So if you use the following websites more frequently then it’s definitely for you. Websites are Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search, IMDb, Chowhound, and Wikipedia. Think of them as Google toolbar buttons if you use it on PC.

You can also speed dial by typing the name or phone of the person and it will dial automatically, without the need for long contact search and opening phone app. And other great feature is text search which loads text only on browser, and saves time it takes for picture to load. It is especially useful if you have to pay for bandwidth usage.

Just visit with your iPhone and get the apps.

Friday, February 08, 2008

New iPhone And iPod Touch Models With Beefed-up Memories And Bumped-up Prices

Apple rolled out new iPhone and iPod Touch models with beefed-up memories and bumped-up prices.

A premium iPhone with 16 gigabytes of memory and a 499 dollar price tag is now the top of that line, ahead of a model with half the memory and a price of 399 dollars.

An iPod Touch with 32 gigabytes of memory costs 499 dollars, relegating the 399 dollar 16-gigabyte model to second position. Apple sells an eight-gigabyte iPod Touch for 299 dollars.

"For some users, there's never enough memory," said Apple vice president for iPod and iPhone marketing, Greg Joswiak.

Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs says the California Company has sold more than four million iPhones, touch-screen mobile devices combining telephone, video, music, and Internet connectivity.

IPod Touch models are essentially iPhones without the mobile telephone capabilities.

Apple's enhancement of memory capacities in its devices comes a month after the company added a movie rental service to its iTunes online entertainment store menu.

IPhone and iPod Touch models can download and present content from iTunes.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

iPhone in SnakeSkin

Anyone who wishs now can get an iPhone case studded with diamonds, but how many can say they have one that's made of shimmering silver python? Maybe everyone wouldn’t want one, mind you, but how many could say it?

French designer Chloe apparently uses a special treatment that gives the snakeskin a "unique metallic look," according to Sybarites, at the bargain price of around $370. The fashion house has even set up a Web site specifically for the iPhone, reportedly accessible by typing in in its address bar.

They might do well to expand their line for Razr's latest "V8 Luxury Edition" as well. Because, as we all know, one can never have too much snakeskin on a phone.
Tuesday, February 05, 2008

iPhone Open Application Development - Book For iPhone Developers

If you wanted to do some programming for iPhone but didn’t have any learning material, now here is your chance. O’Reilly has published a book called “iPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts Version” by Jonathan Zdziarski, developer of the first fully functional application using the open iPhone toolkit. So this book is written by a man who knows his stuff.

It is designed to teach users how to write Native C Applications for the iPhone. He also explains how to use iPhone toolkit and open-source toolkit which was developed by him.

Book Description:

Certain technologies bring out everyone's hidden geek, and the iPhone did so instantly upon its release. Thousands of programmers want to provide applications on the iPhone. This book shows them how to achieve the spectacular effects that made the iPhone an immediate hit. The book covers both Apple's toolkit and an open, community-developed toolkit that has been widely downloaded and used.

In iPhone Open Application Development, Zdziarski explains how to use Apple’s iPhone toolkit and the open-source toolkit, with which he developed the first fully-functional third-party iPhone application, to create third-party iPhone applications for use with jailbroken iPhones. The book will teach iPhone developer-wannabes how to actually code applications in Objective-C and the iPhone API.

The book is going to be released in May and will cost around $40.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Befree4iPhone: Remote Control Your P.C. for Free

With Befree4iPhone you can remote control your PC and watch the files directly from your Apple iPhone. Only with this software and with your iPhone is it for the first time possible to remote control your PC in a mobile way all over the world in an easy way.

Just install Befree4iPhone on your PC and you will get full access by the safari browser on your mobile phone. You will see the complete PC screen, full zoom - and access ability. Perform all kind of mouseclicks and send texts and key combinations to the PC.

Befree4iPhone is freeware. You are able to use all functions mentioned above over an unlimited amount of time!

Optionally, you can upgrade Befree4iPhone to the pro-version. In this version you have unlimited access to the pro-features. That is, for example, the included file browser for access to all files stored on your hard disk or local network by your iPhone. You can directly watch supported files like Acrobat PDF or Office files directly on your iPhone without opening them on your PC. Also Befree4iPhone includes a text editor, for editing large texts with your iPhone keyboard - ideal for answering e-mails and editting text files.

Befree4iPhone runs on all Windows Platforms since Windows 98 including Windows Vista. Install Befree4iPhone only on your PC. There is no installation necessary on your iPhone. Therefore you do not need a "Jailbreak" or something.
Sunday, February 03, 2008

iPhone Data Booms at T-Mobile

European carriers may not sell quite as many Apple Inc. iPhones as AT&T Inc. but there's still a good reason to have them on the books, according to René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG. He says the device is driving up average wireless data usage as much as 30 times higher than on other phones.

The CEO revealed the data figures this week as the German carrier revealed key metrics around its T-Mobile International AG cellular operations in Europe and the U.S. In Germany, T-Mobile has sold 70,000 iPhones with contracts.

“These phones are helping to drive up mobile data use for the operator. iPhone customers retrieve weather reports, stock prices, and YouTube videos from the Internet on the go all as a matter of course. The average Internet usage for an iPhone customer is more than 100 MBytes. This is 30 times the use for our average contract-based consumer customers," - Obermann says.

Note that Obermann doesn't specify if that is per month. Carriers, however, do generally measure users' data consumption on a monthly basis.

The ability to watch TV and download video and music on a phone can dramatically increase the volume of data that a mobile user burns through anyway, notes Unstrung Insider senior analyst Gabriel Brown with a personal example: "I used 100 MBytes in an hour and a half listening to Internet radio on my phone the other day."

Ramping up data usage rates is extremely important to Western European carriers since they need to replace voice revenues and find alternatives to text messaging, which is expected to reach saturation point over the next few years.

Heavy Reading senior analyst Patrick Donegan suggests that such potential data increases may also be a reason for wireless carriers to re-examine their backhaul capabilities in the near future.

"Data points like this suggest that many operators are still underestimating the impact that data is going to have on their backhaul networks. The ability to support these data volumes flexibly and cost effectively in the backhaul network is going to differentiate mobile carrier performance just as much as their ability to win over the end user market at the front end," - says Donegan.

Friday, February 01, 2008

HyperOffice Makes iPhone More Corporate-Friendly

As you might be aware, AT&T has already started offering plans for corporate users. It seems that iPhone is starting to take off for the corporate sector.

One of the iPhone problems so far has been the lack of an easy way to put corporate e-mail on iPhone. However, this is quickly changing. HyperOffice allows you to connect your iPhone to corporate email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. The software doesn't communicate with the Exchange Server. Rather, it syncs with your MS Outlook on your desktop.

With HyperOffice you can use your iPhone as an effective business collaboration tool to:

  • Update personal and group calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

  • Manage projects Share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

  • View and Edit personal and shared documents

  • Send and receive Email

  • Manage internal teams and intranets

  • Manage mixed teams and extranets

Friday, February 01, 2008

O2 To Boost Business By Slashing The Costs Of iPhone

With all the coverage about Apple ‘allegedly’ gagging its UK partners from not revealing poor iPhone sales figures, it’s not surprising to see that O2 is hoping to boost business by slashing the cost of running Apple’s stylish device.

O2 has taken the wraps off a new tariff structure that will apply to new users and – get this – existing customer too. How generous. Either that or they’re merely sidestepping the media shit-storm that would ensue if they ignored those ever-faithful early adopters.

Entry-level £35 per month owners now get their call allowance tripled to 600 minutes and texts boosted to 500 minutes. Those paying £45 now get the £55 package with 1,200 minutes of calls and 500 monthly texts. The £55 per month package is being replaced by an uber-caller £75 per month package for 3,000 minutes of calls and 500 texts.

Here’s the official statement and details:

*Existing £35 iPhone customers

We will be automatically upgrading you to the new £35 iPhone tariff which offers you 600 anytime minutes and 500 anytime texts a month. You will also continue to receive unlimited* UK data. All of this will be done for you without you having to do a thing and we'll text you to let you know when it's been done.

* Existing £45 iPhone customers

We will be automatically upgrading you to the new £45 iPhone tariff which offers you 1,200 anytime minutes and 500 anytime texts a month. You will also continue to receive unlimited* UK data.

*Existing £55 iPhone customers

We will be reducing the price of your 1,200 anytime minute iPhone tariff from £55 to £45. You will continue to get 500 anytime texts and unlimited* UK data at this new price.

The deal with The Cloud for free Wi-Fi and unlimited data use remains unchanged. Smart move, but will it boost sales?