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Excel-enable Your iPhone

As a main mobile device I use Nokia E90 Communicator. Unfortunately, some very important functionality is missing from iPhone to make it my primary mobile device. Office applications is an area where both Symbian and Windows Mobile based devices have traditionally been very strong. However, the situation is quickly changing. Quickoffice Inc., a leading provider of office applications for mobile devices (yes yes, Nokia E90 features their software), has recently introduced an application for editing native Excel 2003 files on your iPhone.

The application is called MobileFiles Pro and costs less than 10 bucks (pretty nice price tag). Under the hood, MobileFiles Pro includes three complete products.

With MobileFiles Pro you can access and transfer files between your desktop and your iPhone. Both PC and Mac are supported. You can also remotely access your Apple MobileMe iDisk files and folders and the shared iDisk folders of friends and family. Included file manager helps you in organizing and sharing your digital content.

With MobileFiles Pro you can view most common file format types including images, media files, Microsoft Office, iWork, PDF and many others.

And of course the most important functionality of the application is the capability of editing Excel files.

All in all, the application is very useful and the price is very attractive.

For fullness of this post, I will mention that there are a couple of alternatives, Spreadsheet, Spreadsheet LX and iSpreadsheet to name some.