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iPhone Becomes a Noise Meter

iPhone is a device with practically unlimited possibilities and potential. Well, the hardware of iPhone is fantastic, however, what makes it a real wonder device is the abundance of applications and software that have been pouring in for the past several months.

A new cool application called Noise Meter transforms your iPhone into a portable noise meter. The application is marginally simple. You start it and then tap the big round button and voila.

What I liked about this application is that it gives you human understandable information. If you are a pro, you know what a dB means but what about mere mortars? So, the application simply gives you the level of noise in plain English. Namely, noise levels are grouped as follows:

0-20: Quiet, suitable for living and sleeping
20-40: Comfortable, suitable for office
40-60: Busy, suitable for business
60-80: Bustling, suitable for traffic
80-100: Noisily, suitable for factory
>100: Terrible, don't stay for health

As soon as I downloaded the application, I started testing different places. Believe me, this application is very useful and exciting and best of all, it's absolutely free.

The download link is: