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Travelling Made Easy with ICOON

If you've ever traveled to a foreign country where English is not widely spoken, you know what a problem a language barrier can become. Proudly written "WE SPEAK ENGLISH" on one of the bank's window, which I noticed in Valencia last summer was a good proof of it. A while ago I was in vein trying to communicate with a bank's operator in Rome. When I finally managed to see the manager of the branch face to face, my happiness was quickly spoiled by the fact that even the manager would not speak English. Well, you get the idea. Even though English is a worldwide lingo, knowing it will not always save you.

Let's see how our wonder device iPhone can help with this problem. Meet ICOON, Europe’s most popular language dictionary, which has made travelling easier than ever before. Well, a dictionary is a dictionary you would say. Not that fast dear friends. ICOON is not an ordinary dictionary. Rather, it is a picture dictionary. Thus, no matter where you are in the world — Bejing, Bali, Berlin, or Boise, Idaho — ICOON translates any language into recognizable symbols. So, whether you’re in an emergency, looking for a WiFi hotspot, or just terribly hungry, help is just a click away. With ICOON you get what you need. ICOON is an essential language tool for any leisure or business traveller. The application boast with a uniquely-designed collection offering more than 500 useful symbols structured into twelve common categories — from hygiene to hair styles, money to measurements, health to accommodations. With ICOON, you’ll never be at a loss for words. Just download ICOON to your iPhone and let icons speak for you!

Now the good news is that while ICOON is not freeware, it's price is symbolic - 99 cents and is available for immediate download from the App Store.

Finally, I would like to add that ICOON was developed by Karsten Warrink from Germany. In Germany ICOON is in the Top-5 of travel applications. I am confident, ICOON will become one of the most useful application in your iPhone.