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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

iSeismometer Turns Your iPhone into a Portable Seismostation

Recently I was browsing the App Store and came across this tiny but cool application called iSeismometer. In a nutshell, this application uses iPhone's accelerometer to measure seismic data. The application is really easy to use. Just run it and put your iPhone on a table or any other surface. You can tap or slightly shake the surface and see the application in action. It actually measures and tracks seismic data.

The only downfall is that only 10 seconds of data is stored but as the developer mentions, this will be increased in the future releases. Moreover, you can submit the data to the developer website for future retrieval.

All in all, iSeismometer makes your iPhone even cooler toy and if you live in a seismically active part of the world, this iSeismometer is a must to have application. Moreover, iSeismometer is FREEWARE!

You can download it from this link:
Monday, February 23, 2009

iPhone Applications for BlackJack Players

BlackJack is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. BlackJack is exciting, easy to learn and easy to play and more importantly, BlackJack is very favorable to the player compared to other casino games. I must admit, BlackJack is my favorite game and as a matter of fact many games come and go to my iPhone but BlackJack game is always with me.

Edward O. Thorp's legendary book gave birth to what is known as card counting. You've probably seen the movie 21 where Jim Sturgess portrays a brilliant card counter Ben Campbell. So, if you want to master card counting, have some free time and an iPhone of course, then keep on reading.

There are a couple of nice applications for iPhone to help us with card counting. This doesn't mean that you will go to Vegas, pull iPhone out of your pocket and with some magic movements of your fingers will make a fortune. Not that fast. Using any kind of device to facilitate gambling is banned in Nevada (and in all of the casinos as far as I know). So, if you don't want to leave the casino without your iPhone, you'd better use these applications at home. AGAIN, YOU ARE STRICTLY ADVISED NOT TO USE ANY OF THESE APPLICATIONS IN A CASINO. So, let's get started.

The first application that I'd like to mention is TMSOFT's Card Counter. In my opinion this application is the most comprehensive and feature-rich. It includes the BlackJack basic strategy reference. You can learn popular card systems (Hi-Lo, Zen Count, etc). The application features voice over by Oscar Santana and a ton of other bells n' whistles. All in all, the application is very good but costs the most $2.99. Hey, who cares about three bucks when this monster application can earn you 50k. 50k of what? I have no idea as I'm merely quoting an anonymous testimonial from the application's description. Well, if it's Turkish Liras, then makes no sense. Okay jokes aside, this application is really cool. Download Now

The next application is called Card Counting Practice from Bacon Bear Productions. This application is quite simplistic in comparison to the TMSOFT's Card Counter but hey there is beauty in simplicity, isn't it? More importantly, Card Counting Practice will help you to learn card counting and will cost you a buck less. Download Now

CardCount from Splendid is even simpler application. This application lacks practically every feature of the above two applications and this is not a surprise. The main purpose of the application is to help you sharpen your memory. This means that CardCount can be viewed as a supplement to either Card Counter or Card Counting Practice or 21 Strategy. This application will cost you 99 cents. Download Now

And finally here comes one more application called 21 Strategy from Ryan Smith. I really liked this application. Maybe it does not have many bells 'n whistles but 21 Strategy features everything to help you master the basic strategy and card counting. And the best of all, this application is FREEWARE. Thank you Ryan for this excellent application. Download Now

Again, don't even think using any of the above applications in a casino and happy card counting!
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Network Applications from MochaSoft

MochaSoft is a really cool company. I guess their software is everywhere. I first started using their software on my Revo device. At different times, I had used there applications on different devices.

Recently, I've installed three cool applications from MochaSoft. Mocha VNC Lite, Mocha Telnet Lite and Mocha Remote Desktop Lite. As expected, the applications work like charm. I connected to both a Windows XP machine and a Windows 2003 Server machine with the Mocha Remote Desktop Lite and I was really impressed with the speed and responsiveness of the application. Mocha VNC Lite worked fantastically fast when I connected to a Linux box. Finally, Mocha Telnet Lite performed on par with the other two applications.

As you may guess, there are commercial counterparts of these applications. However, for most of the users the Lite versions offer everything to work comfortably. If you need the full power of the applications, then go for the commercial versions.

You can get these applications from the Apple Store:

Download Mocha Telnet Lite
Download Mocha VNC Lite
Download Mocha Remote Desktop Lite
Thursday, February 19, 2009

PacketVideo Brings Live TV to the iPhone

iPhone is a great multimedia device but soon it will become even better. With the release of the new mobile video application for the iPhone, PacketVideo Brings Live TV to the iPhone. PacketVideo software enables the delivery of operator-branded TV and video services on iPhone for the first time. Mobile operators will offer this application via the iPhone Application Store, under their own brands, and subscribers will be able to view local live television channels and on-demand video clips. Cool!

It is expected that major mobile operators will launch this application within 6-8 weeks. The PacketVideo application is powered by the CORE(TM) software platform that has shipped in more than 320 million mobile phones worldwide. Along with the video streaming and playback capabilities, PacketVideo's CORE supports the middleware services needed to deliver live and on-demand content, including support for mobile operator TV services electronic program guide (EPG) information.
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Apple Says Jailbreaking is Not Legal

Finally Apple has made the first formal public statement about its legal stance on iPhone jailbreaking. As expected, Apple believes that iPhone jailbreaking is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and infringes on its copyright.

EFF has asked the Copyright Office to recognize an exemption to the DMCA to permit jailbreaking in order to allow iPhone owners to use their phones with applications that are not available from Apple's store. Apple's response is pretty obvious. According to the company, few users of jailbroken iPhones actually jailbroke it themselves. Instead, they downloaded software created by other parties to make that happen. Most likely, this is a correct assumption.

The number of users who use jailbroken iPhone is estimated to be in a region of hundreds of thousands. I've been using a jailbroken iPhone and I can confirm that after jailbreaking, iPhone becomes a totally different device. Great software is available for jailbroken iPhones and I can't imagine giving this up. Recording video, using Siphone for VOIP and Backgrounder for multi-tasking enabling your iPhone - are just a couple of great examples of functionality that iPhone gets after jailbreaking. Finally, iPhone is a great device based on a legendary operating system. After jailbreaking we have a total control on the device and while this might not be important for most of the iPhone users, for technology enthusiasts and power users, jailbreaking is important.

Friday, February 13, 2009

8 iPhone Apps to Get when Traveling with Preschool Age Kids

Article provided by

Traveling with young kids can be very difficult. Many of us parents know that the more entertainment you have for them is better.  Especially if you are in for a long plane or a car ride, loading up your iPhone or iPod Touch with your preschooler's favorite movies is a must. If you are going to hand your precious iPhone to your kid, you may consider getting a good case with a stand, which I list few of them here. It is also smart to download some entertaining and educational apps for your kids. Here I list a few of them. Most of these are my kid's favorites, I also included few coloring apps as well. Let me know if you have additional suggestions!

Iphone-kid-smile Create A Cartoon Face
Cost: $1.99
Age: 2 years and up

This app lets you generate cartoon sketches by selecting a face type, hair style, eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Without any skill, you can create quite entertaining cartoon faces. My son loves this app, he giggles constantly when playing with it. You can get the app and view the other reviews here.


Iphone-kid-smile Dotty Shapes
Cost: $0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This app displays numbers and you can connect them in order and create shapes. Connecting dots is a popular drawing game for young kids, so it is nice to see one such app for iPhone. However, it would have been nice if the app also supported drawing letters, numbers via connecting dots.
To get the application from iTunes app store and see other's reviews click here.


Iphone-kid-smile Koi Pond
Cost: $0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This is one of the most unique apps on the iTunes store. The app shows a fish pond and when you touch the screen the fish swim away from your finger. You can hold your finger on the screen and fish will come and nibble on your finger. The app is
entertaining but the attention span of a young kid playing with this app is not very high. View additional reviews and get the app here.


Iphone-kid-smile Peekaboo Barn Lite
Cost: Free
Age: 1.5 years and up

Kids love animals. This app shows a barn and plays an animal sound. Then the user tries to guess the animal and taps on the barn to see what the animal actually is. The
graphics are very nice, kid friendly. You can download Peekaboo Barn Lite here.


Iphone-kid-smile Animal Farm Lite 
Cost: free
Age: 1.5 years and up

This app shows pictures of 3 animals, plays an animal sound and asks user to find the animal who makes that sound. The quality of audio recordings can be improved. Nevertheless my kid enjoyed this app very much. Get the app and see other reviews here.


Iphone-kid-pleasedColoring Book
Cost: 0.99
Age: 2 years and up

When I got my kid an iPod Touch, I tried to find good coloring apps. They were not any at the time but now parents have at least several options. Graphics are nice in this app but user interface, color selection, etc, are not very intuitive, especially for a young kid. You can download the Coloring Book app and view additional reviews here.


Iphone-kid-pleasedColor Me
Cost: 0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This coloring application lets you do free drawing (instead of filling regions) over the drawings. I really like the color selection method with crayons but I do not like the fact that the initial screen for the 'drawing selection' contains only titles, not the image thumbnails. You can download this app here.


Iphone-kid-smile Memory Match Kids
Cost: $1.99
Age: 3 years and up
Memory match game for kids. While this is better than having bunch of memory match cards lying around, it had too many cards for young kids to start matching successfully. It is even challenging for me. A better version could be where you can set the number of cards and make it less or more challenging based on age. Graphics and animations are quite pleasing. Click here for download and other users' reviews.


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Monday, February 09, 2009

My Schedule Gets an Update

I must admit, I love time management tools. Thus, task and time management applications are one of my favorites. In one of the recent posts, I've talked about a cute application called Firetask, one of the best task management applications I've seen so far. This time, I'd like to show you a cool application for managing timetables. This application is not a task management, but serves the purpose of helping with time management.

We deal with timetables practically everywhere - in school, university, gym, etc. What is the best tool for keeping a timetable? A pencil and paper you'd say. But with My Schedule and iPhone, managing your timetable has easier than ever before. True, you can use a plain text file to keep your timetables but once you see this cute application, you will understand that it's far better to use a specialized tool, rather a general text file or a notes application.

The first cool thing about My Schedules is the support of two views:

- Whole week in panoramic format (landscape) with zoom.
- Day by day in vertical format (portrait)

Further, you can organise tasks by colors and add notes to the tasks. You can determine the timetable length by fixing a term of validity or simply by marking it as indefinite. The application also supports timetables with indefinite duration. You can differentiate between future, present and expired timetables. And of course multiple timetables are supported.

Finally, I'd like to add that the interface is sleek and the application is fast and easy to use. In my opinion, My Schedule is a must application for every student and not only.

I would like to thank the developer of My Schedule for providing me with the application for testing. I was also told that this update brings a better performance and memory management.

You can download the application from iTunes and you are also welcome to check out the developer's site at
Saturday, February 07, 2009

FlightTrack Pro Brings TripIt Travel Itineraries to iPhone

iPhone software developer Appropos Mobile and online trip planning service TripIt are about to release FlightTrack Pro, the next generation of the bestselling flight tracker for iPhone and iPod touch.

In a nutshell, TripIt helps your organize your travel plans no matter where your book. You just forward your travel confirmation emails to and automatically get a master itinerary with all your plans, plus daily weather, local maps, city guides and more. Cool, right?

Now, Appropos Mobile, brings the power of TripIt to your iPhone with their FlightTrack Pro thanks to the TripIt API and partnership between these two companies. Seamless TripIt itinerary synchronization in FlightTrack Pro brings flight tracking to a whole new level of convenience and makes your iPhone even more useful device.

To sum up, FlightTrack Pro coupled with TripIt is a must have application for a frequent traveler. Though, if you only fly from time to time, it's still worth to have this nice application in your iPhone. You can check more details at


The developer company is now called Mobiata and their website can be found at
Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beginner Tip #3 - How to Make Screenshots on iPhone

I've noted several times that iPhone is an easy to use device. However, sometimes, cool iPhone functions are difficult to discover. But once you've discovered a specific function, you'd love using it. Beginning from firmware 2.x, making screenshots on iPhone has become extremely easy. As a matter of fact, I have not seen making screenshots to be easier on any other device. The best of all, you won't need a special application. The functionality is built in your iPhone. So, let's start.

I assume that you've already opened an application that you'd like to make a screenshot of.

Now, simply press and hold the Home button (shall I mention that this a button at center bottom of the iPhone?), then press and release the Sleep/Wake button (the one on top right of the iPhone).

Your iPhone will flash briefly and the screenshot will be added to your camera roll.

You can now open the Photo application and view the screenshot there.

That's it!

If you liked this tip, you may like to check out a post listing all of my beginner tips.
Monday, February 02, 2009

A Free Service for Converting MP3 Files to iPhone Ringtones

There are several ways to create iPhone ringtones. As you already know, the Apple way of doing this is not free. One of the free, yet, legal ways to create iPhone ringtones is described in this article from However, even that method while free is not that hassle-free. After all, there are 17 steps involved. If you appreciate your time and want to get things done quickly, then you'll find absolutely lovely service. iMakeRingtones is free and easy-to-use service.

Of course you can always use iToner from Ambrosia Software if you are on Mac or iPhoneRingtoneMaker from Efiko Software if Windows is your operating system of choice. Both of the applications are easy to use but cost $15.

If you happen to have a Jailbroken iPhone, you can just install an SSH software and interact with the iPhone's file system directly (this is my favorite method by the way). While this method technically is not complicated, it's still to be used by advanced users. To sum up, I recommend sticking with either iToner or iPhoneRingtonesMaker or just using the free service.