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FlightTrack Pro Brings TripIt Travel Itineraries to iPhone

iPhone software developer Appropos Mobile and online trip planning service TripIt are about to release FlightTrack Pro, the next generation of the bestselling flight tracker for iPhone and iPod touch.

In a nutshell, TripIt helps your organize your travel plans no matter where your book. You just forward your travel confirmation emails to and automatically get a master itinerary with all your plans, plus daily weather, local maps, city guides and more. Cool, right?

Now, Appropos Mobile, brings the power of TripIt to your iPhone with their FlightTrack Pro thanks to the TripIt API and partnership between these two companies. Seamless TripIt itinerary synchronization in FlightTrack Pro brings flight tracking to a whole new level of convenience and makes your iPhone even more useful device.

To sum up, FlightTrack Pro coupled with TripIt is a must have application for a frequent traveler. Though, if you only fly from time to time, it's still worth to have this nice application in your iPhone. You can check more details at


The developer company is now called Mobiata and their website can be found at