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iPhone Applications for BlackJack Players

BlackJack is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. BlackJack is exciting, easy to learn and easy to play and more importantly, BlackJack is very favorable to the player compared to other casino games. I must admit, BlackJack is my favorite game and as a matter of fact many games come and go to my iPhone but BlackJack game is always with me.

Edward O. Thorp's legendary book gave birth to what is known as card counting. You've probably seen the movie 21 where Jim Sturgess portrays a brilliant card counter Ben Campbell. So, if you want to master card counting, have some free time and an iPhone of course, then keep on reading.

There are a couple of nice applications for iPhone to help us with card counting. This doesn't mean that you will go to Vegas, pull iPhone out of your pocket and with some magic movements of your fingers will make a fortune. Not that fast. Using any kind of device to facilitate gambling is banned in Nevada (and in all of the casinos as far as I know). So, if you don't want to leave the casino without your iPhone, you'd better use these applications at home. AGAIN, YOU ARE STRICTLY ADVISED NOT TO USE ANY OF THESE APPLICATIONS IN A CASINO. So, let's get started.

The first application that I'd like to mention is TMSOFT's Card Counter. In my opinion this application is the most comprehensive and feature-rich. It includes the BlackJack basic strategy reference. You can learn popular card systems (Hi-Lo, Zen Count, etc). The application features voice over by Oscar Santana and a ton of other bells n' whistles. All in all, the application is very good but costs the most $2.99. Hey, who cares about three bucks when this monster application can earn you 50k. 50k of what? I have no idea as I'm merely quoting an anonymous testimonial from the application's description. Well, if it's Turkish Liras, then makes no sense. Okay jokes aside, this application is really cool. Download Now

The next application is called Card Counting Practice from Bacon Bear Productions. This application is quite simplistic in comparison to the TMSOFT's Card Counter but hey there is beauty in simplicity, isn't it? More importantly, Card Counting Practice will help you to learn card counting and will cost you a buck less. Download Now

CardCount from Splendid is even simpler application. This application lacks practically every feature of the above two applications and this is not a surprise. The main purpose of the application is to help you sharpen your memory. This means that CardCount can be viewed as a supplement to either Card Counter or Card Counting Practice or 21 Strategy. This application will cost you 99 cents. Download Now

And finally here comes one more application called 21 Strategy from Ryan Smith. I really liked this application. Maybe it does not have many bells 'n whistles but 21 Strategy features everything to help you master the basic strategy and card counting. And the best of all, this application is FREEWARE. Thank you Ryan for this excellent application. Download Now

Again, don't even think using any of the above applications in a casino and happy card counting!