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My Schedule Gets an Update

I must admit, I love time management tools. Thus, task and time management applications are one of my favorites. In one of the recent posts, I've talked about a cute application called Firetask, one of the best task management applications I've seen so far. This time, I'd like to show you a cool application for managing timetables. This application is not a task management, but serves the purpose of helping with time management.

We deal with timetables practically everywhere - in school, university, gym, etc. What is the best tool for keeping a timetable? A pencil and paper you'd say. But with My Schedule and iPhone, managing your timetable has easier than ever before. True, you can use a plain text file to keep your timetables but once you see this cute application, you will understand that it's far better to use a specialized tool, rather a general text file or a notes application.

The first cool thing about My Schedules is the support of two views:

- Whole week in panoramic format (landscape) with zoom.
- Day by day in vertical format (portrait)

Further, you can organise tasks by colors and add notes to the tasks. You can determine the timetable length by fixing a term of validity or simply by marking it as indefinite. The application also supports timetables with indefinite duration. You can differentiate between future, present and expired timetables. And of course multiple timetables are supported.

Finally, I'd like to add that the interface is sleek and the application is fast and easy to use. In my opinion, My Schedule is a must application for every student and not only.

I would like to thank the developer of My Schedule for providing me with the application for testing. I was also told that this update brings a better performance and memory management.

You can download the application from iTunes and you are also welcome to check out the developer's site at