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iPhone 3.0 Safari JavaScript Performance Gets 3x Speed Boost

JavaScript performance has become a battleground for desktop-based browsers recently. It's not surprise that Apple has taken care of this direction on iPhone as well. The reason is simple. With the advent of complex web applications, JavaScript performance has become a critical factor for a browser success.

Ars Technica has published results of a rather interesting research. According to the findings,early JavaScript benchmarks from iPhones running a beta of iPhone OS 3.0 suggest the new version will bring big speed gains to web apps running in Mobile Safari, even on existing iPhone hardware.

In a nutshell, we shall see a 3x speed improvement. It is even speculated that the browser on iPhone 3.0 will deliver a 16x speed boost over the existing version of Mobile Safari in iPhone OS 2.2.

Well, I think we have to wait and see the final results when the iPhone 3.0 becomes available.

GRAPH SOURCE: Ars Technica