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Meet iPhone 3.0

Today is a big day indeed. Although I believe we won't get the full preview of iPhone 3.0, we will learn much about this important update. Is Apple adding some of the iPhone's most heavily requested software features? Nobody knows for sure. There have been so many rumors about iPhone 3.0 recently that it has become really difficult to assume anything. Below are a couple of features that are believed to be present in iPhone 3.0. But again, these are only assumptions.

Cut/Copy and Paste - of course this is one of the missed functions. Especially, if you've switched to iPhone from Symbian or WinMo.

Push Notifications - This was promised by Apple so most likely we'll see this one implemented.

Background Multitasking - Jailbroken iPhone owners do get multitasking via an application available on Cydia. However, it's better to have multitasking which is supported by Apple.

MMS - I personally don't use MMS but I know many people like this functionality.

It is also believed that a couple of other stuff will be present in iPhone 3.0 like tethering, compass, premium app store plus and a new app launcher.

Again, all of the above are just assumptions. We'll have to wait and see what kind of a surprise Apple has prepared for us.

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