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Using Google Reader? Get Readello

I must admit, I'm a big fan of Google mobile applications (who is not?). Google apps are in the desktop browser and they are in iPhone's Safari. Sometimes I feel scared by thinking how attached to Google we are (at least I am).

However, yesterday I got an e-mail from Mr. Kevin Rood of Acceletron Corporation, creator of an RSS reader application called Readello. What is so special about Readello? Unlike traditional RSS readers, Readello synchronizes with your Google RSS Reader account. Thus, Readello does not replace Google RSS Reader. Rather, Readello is a perfect companion and if you use the Google RSS Reader, you should get Readello for sure.

As soon as you run Readello, you feel that the application is well organized and you can be syncing with your Google Reader account in less then 20 seconds. Basically, you just provide your account details and you are done. Another good thing about Readello in terms of synchronizing is that you control the age of the feed items.

The only downside is that Readello is not free and costs $3.99. However, according to the developer, the company plans to update Readello on a regular basis and thus possible glitches should be fixed quickly. To admit, I've been using Readello for a couple of hours now and I have not found any problems so far.

You can download Readello from the App Store at