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Radial 50 - A New Take on the Arcade Legend

I must admit that Breakout remains one of my favorite games of all time. After all, Breakout was the first game that I've played on a computer back in 1980s. From a programmer's perspective, Breakout is a sort of game (along with Columns of course) that every game programmer must develop. I've played all sorts and flavors of Break out from very traditional to very odd and sometimes bizarre versions.

There is no doubt that iPhone has given the second life to the arcade game genre. While iPhone is a device with enough power to handle sophisticated 3D shooters, arcade is something that perfectly fits the wonder device. Accelerometer doesn't play the least role in this. It's a real pleasure and more action to play accelerometer-enabled games.

The folks at Roundthird have developed a cool Breakout-style game for iPhone called Radial 50. This is probably the most peculiar and novel variation of this game. "Radial 50 expands on the arcade classic by allowing players to control the paddle and ball around a 360-degree environment. The objective is different from the classic, as you are focused on defeating the central target rather than the often painful chore of eliminating all targets".

To admit I was sort of puzzled when I first heard about Radial 50. However, after watching the video I immediately admitted that Radial 50 would become one of the most addictive games for iPhone.

Radial 50 Demo from Radial 50 on Vimeo.

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