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Challenge Boredom with Drums Challenge

A while ago I was reading a research report about iPhone applications. According to that report, too many application in Apple App Store are totally useless and aren't worth a penny. To be honest, the game that you will learn in a moment about, belongs to a category, which I used to consider totally useless. However, after playing around with this game, I've really changed my mind.

Drums Challenge developed by MusiGames Studio is played by tapping on a virtual drum kit on an iPhone or iPod Touch and players challenge drummers of different styles such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, metal, punk, Latin and reggae. Each battle takes place when the opponent starts playing a song on the drums. After a sequence of notes is played, the user has to repeat the sequence of drum beats, playing each drum part with the correct timing.

Believe me, Drums Challenge is a really challenging game and entertainment is guaranteed whether you are sitting in a queue at a doctor's reception or traveling or just sitting at home.

Each of the 25 drum battles presents a unique challenge in terms of rhythm, style and music perception. While the player advances, defeating better and better drummers, they receive special drum parts that are then available to use in the freestyle mode. This is another aspect of the application that is really interesting.

Drums Challenge can be purchased exclusively through the Apple App Store for $2.99.

Happy drumming!