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Beginner Tip #4 - How to Bring Your Voicemail Button to Life

Do you have an unlocked iPhone? Then your Voicemail button must be totally useless, right? This little hack will bring your Voicemail button to life.

The first step is to find out the voicemail number of your cellular provider. For example, I have to dial 311 to access my voicemail. Usually, your provider will have this information on their website.

Once you have found out your voicemail number, click the iPhone's Phone icon.

Now switch to the keypad by touching the Keypad tab.

Then type the following code: *5005*86*xxxx#, where xxxx is the voicemail number that you found out in the first step. In my case, the code was *5005*86*311#.

Finally, touch the Call button.

In a moment your iPhone's voicemail button will be brought to life. Now touch the Voicemail button and your iPhone will dial your voicemail number.

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