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Best Features of the iPhone 3GS

Apple recently released the iPhone 3GS, which they’ve branded the fast iPhone model ever. It comes with either 16GB or 32GB, a 3-megapixel auto focus camera, and works with Wi-Fi and 3G Internet connections for a fast, quality web experience. The iPhone 3GS also has built-in Yahoo! and Google search capability and comes with an entirely new set of features and updated applications. Keep reading for a recap of some of the best features on the iPhone 3GS.

• It still syncs. The iPhone 3GS syncs with Macs and PCs like always, and it even lets you access your iPhone apps on your computer.

• Maps and Compass. This feature works quickly and easily to pinpoint your location, which you can text or e-mail to friends. When you get directions via the iPhone’s GPS, you’ll see a highlighted route showing you where to go. The compass rotates maps to match the direction you’re currently standing in, and you can bookmark locations and directions, too. Better yet, you can even view traffic information from your iPhone 3GS.

• Updated 3D graphics. The new iPhone boasts updated 3D graphics perfect for gaming and street view maps.

• Its faster and more responsive. The iPhone 3GS works two times as fast as the older iPhone model.

• Video features. With your new iPhone, you can shoot, edit, save, post and e-mail videos. You can sync videos to your Mac using iTunes, post videos on the MobileMe gallery, or even publish it to YouTube, all from your phone.

• Search tool. The search tool works just as it would on a computer. You can type in a keyword or name, and the iPhone will search everything in your contacts, iPod, e-mail, and more.

• Visual and audio assistance. iPhone 3GS users who are visually or hearing impaired can still use their phone with special assistance features like the VoiceOver screen reader, Zoom, or White on Black display.

• Voice Control. The Voice Control features allows your iPhone 3GS to recognize the names of your contacts and music from your iPod, letting you “tell” the phone who you want to call or what you want to listen to.

• Find MyiPhone. If you lose your iPhone, all you have to do is log on to, and AT&T will show you the approximate location of your phone.

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