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Tip #5 - How to Add an Extension to a Contact’s Phone Number

If you are a business user of iPhone like me, most likely you often dial phone numbers with extensions. Listening to lengthy phone menus is not the best experience. So, this tip teaches you how to add an extension to a contact's phone number. The process is straightforward and easy. Just make sure to follow the step by step instructions given below.

1. Create a new contact or go to an existing one.

2. Edit the contact's phone number.

3. Move the cursor to the end of the phone number and tap + * # at the bottom left of the keyboard.

4. Tap "pause", which will add a space and a coma after the phone number.

5. Enter the extension and hit "Save".

That’s it. Now every time you call this number, you will be directed to the contact’s extension.

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