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Top 10 Vacation Guides for Summer Travelers From Top-Tens iPhone App

Summer already came. And we are looking for some very interesting places to visit, enjoy and relax. Many people search information through internet, friends’ experience and so on. But nowadays an iPhone/iPod touch app, Top-Tens gives the user the ability to keep tabs on the top 10s of their favorite hobbies, interests or pastimes. It allows users to see a series of top 10s for the most popular theme parks and water parks in the USA and UK and other attractions worldwide.
According to the SOURCEWIRE, if you choose Top-Tens, it will be with you every step of the way by listing the top 10 rides and attractions at each of the theme and water parks, allowing you to plan your visit with the minimum of fuss.
The list includes top 10 books, movies, albums, singles and more.

Rod Cambridge, developer of Top-Tens said: “I’m off to Florida this summer and so I thought it would be cool to track the top 10 rides and attractions at the major Theme Parks so that when we get there, we know exactly where to head”.

“I thought it would be cool to add these to the library in Top-Tens so that anyone else who's traveling this summer and using my app can also benefit.”

Top-Tens can be downloaded from the iPhone App store for £1.19 ($1.99) here:
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