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Turn Your iPhone into the Ultimate Mobile Idea Management Tool

Have you noticed that interesting and valuable ideas often pop up in your mind at a wrong time? Yes, this is an inherent feature of a problem solving and creative process. If it happens that you great ideas annoy you when you are in a waiting room of your doctor worry no further. With the help of Sparks - a cool new iPhone application you won't lose great ideas any more. Sparks has another decent software from the creators of Firetask - professional time management software for iPhone.

Sparks is easy to use, simple but most importantly functional. First, you have categories. So you can easily categorize ideas - work or personal ideas, does not matter. You can manage them all. To give you a better idea, I've managed some ideas regarding this blog with Sparks. First, I added a new category. Then, I quickly noted down the following ideas.

Idea 1: Post articles more frequently
Idea 2: Increase link exchanges
Idea 3: Add more beginner tips
Idea 4: Make promotional code give-aways more regular

Then you assign criteria to the ideas based on four different dimensions: Innovation, Simplicity, Uniqueness and Potential. Sparks quickly calculates particular idea's Score.

I also liked the feature to add notes to ideas.

The beauty of Sparks is the Analyze tabs where you can see your ideas on a sleek matrix diagram.

In terms of usability, the software is pretty good. The only not so user-friendly thing is that it's not immediately clear what color denotes. In other words, which color identifies uniqueness of the idea. The same can be said about the size. However, with size you can assume that the larger, the more potential.

Now the bad part. Sparks is not free and costs $4.99. However, this app is worth the price.

Now the good thing. The developer has decided to provide 5 promotional codes of Sparks (can you spot idea 4 in action? :). The codes will be given to the first 5 readers to send me an e-mail and quoting the price Firetask! So, the task is quite simple! All you have to do is to look up Firetask's price and send an e-mail.

Hurry up. These codes won't last long!

If you'd rather get Sparks right now, here is the download link: