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iFriendCode - a Real Time Saver for Online Gamers

If you play online games from your iPhone or iPod touch this news is for you. Are you tired of hunting friend codes? Do you want to become a more efficient player? Ever wanted there to be a single place for all of your codes out there? As a matter of fact there is one and it's called

As of writing this, supports almost 25 games including Mafia LIVE!, iMOBSTERS, GIRL Wars Online and WAR LORDS. Well, you get the idea. Almost all popular games are there and they're waiting for you.

Using iFriendCode is very simple. First, you register of course and then the whole code thing begins. The web site offers a couple of really nice features. A quick example. Suppose someone checks a code that you have for a game. Then when you log in you won't have to do a reverse process. You get the idea? If the other side has initiated the "friendship", you don't need to.

Well, if you aren't in "stamina" games, all this code stuff may sound like Greek to you. However, if you've played this type of games at least once, then you will certainly use, which by the way was created by Greek programmer Angelos Papaioannidis and his business partner Nikolaos Anastopoulos. Keep up the great job guys!

Unfortunately, I experienced a couple of glitches with the site albeit minor ones. I recommend to give it a try. I will keep an eye on and publish a follow up post when new games are available or new features are added.